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Conservative Values for a Brighter Future


Stacie McGinn stands out as the solution-driven candidate for Mecklenburg County. With a rich background as a business executive and legal expert, she's proven her ability to lead with integrity and efficiency.


Her commitment to conservative values and years of experience equips her to address our community's challenges effectively. Stacie's ready to enhance safety, education, and economic growth, ensuring a brighter future for Mecklenburg County.

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Advancing Academic Achievement in Schools

Stacie McGinn supports parental involvement and choice in education. She advocates for high academic standards and a success-oriented curriculum, combined with opportunities for technical and skills-based training and apprenticeships.  She supports school safety. Her efforts to empower parents, support teachers, and ensure student success underscores her vision for education as a pillar of community strength.


Safety and Security in Mecklenburg County

Stacie McGinn takes a firm stance on crime, emphasizing the need for strong, effective law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of our communities. Recognizing the challenges and concerns of Charlotte's residents, her platform proposes practical measures to combat crime while respecting the principles of justice and community support.



Promoting Growth While Protecting the Quality of Life

A fiscal conservative and astute business executive, Stacie understands the necessity of enacting suitable legislative actions to spur our local and state economies, enticing businesses of all sizes and creating job opportunities. As a compassionate leader, she is equally attentive to the challenges that come with such unprecedented economic growth—like rising housing costs, the shortage of skilled labor, and transportation and infrastructure developments struggling to keep pace.

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