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Proven leadership

that delivers 

for North Carolina.

Meet Stacie McGinn

 A seasoned business executive and nonprofit leader, Stacie McGinn is committed to enhancing economic prosperity, elevating educational standards, and safeguarding our communities within District 42.

Conservative Activist & Leader

As General Counsel of the Republican Party of Mecklenburg County, Stacie McGinn has been a steadfast advocate for election integrity. Under her leadership, MeckGOP witnessed historic achievements:


  • she led a groundbreaking effort to ensure poll judges representing the Republican Party were indeed registered Republicans. Her efforts integrated 30 new Republican poll judges, including 6 Chief Judges, culminating in an 11% increase in registered Republican poll judges for the critical 2024 election.

Stacie McGinn reading a book with young children

McGinn also serves on the board of the Republican Women of Greater Charlotte as the head of Legislation and Public Policy. In this role, she:


  • collaborated with Moms for Liberty to draft a petition in support of the Parents’ Bill of Rights gathering over 300 supporters; and actively lobbied in the halls of the NC General Assembly on behalf of the bill, which has become law.

On The Front Lines

Stacie played a key role in Tariq Bokhari's re-election to the City Council, dedicating her time to organizing volunteers, canvassing neighborhoods, and making countless phone calls on his behalf. Councilman Bokhari, among others, have endorsed her candidacy.

Stacie McGinn campaigning for Tariq Bokhari

A record of excellence.

A graduate of public schools in New Mexico, Stacie received her Bachelors in Business Administration, with concentrations in Economics and Finance (with honors) from Baylor University.  


She served in Washington, D.C. on President Ronald Reagan’s task force that successfully brought private sector practices to the federal government. Working full-time during the day, Stacie put herself through Georgetown Law School at night, graduating cum laude.

She was made a partner at a law firm renowned for its expertise in mergers and acquisitions. She also helped found the firm’s Consumer Protection Regulatory Investigations and Enforcement group and helped write a book on consumer protection law.  

McGinn was recruited by Bank of America to serve as Deputy General Counsel of the bank’s international consumer group, where she managed a group of over 100 attorneys worldwide. She was among the top 100 executives at Bank of America, a company with over 200,000 employees and $3 trillion in assets.  She served on a team that managed a budget the same size as the North Carolina state budget—30 billion dollars. 

Stacie with her mom on her birthday

Rooted in Family Values

Stacie McGinn grew up in a large military family. Her father was a West Point graduate, an Air Force pilot and a decorated veteran of three wars, while her mother graduated with distinction with a degree in architecture from Rice University. With love, they instilled the values that define Stacie today: the importance of education, hard work, honesty and integrity, family, faith and love of country.

Lover of the Great Outdoors

Raised in the West, Stacie and her sisters spent their childhood riding horses and exploring the outdoors. Her love for adventure has taken her to Everest Base Camp, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Table Mountain in Cape Town, and Quandary Peak, one of the Rockies' fourteeners. Recently, she climbed Mount Fuji in Japan, honoring her father who ascended the same mountain 77 years prior as a young soldier.


McGinn's Vision for the Future

Stacie is poised to leverage her extensive executive background, strategic insight, and unwavering commitment to the residents of District 42 as their next state Senator.

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